Various digital illustrations created for personal use.
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other projects:

America Give Up
Album artwork for "America Give Up" by Howler, released by Rough Trade in 2012. The album was featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and more.
The Lost Art of Handwriting
"The Lost Art of Handwritten Communication" is a coffee table book designed as my senior thesis project at Parsons. The book is created with letters and drawings collected from strangers.
Rock'em Sock'em
Packaging designed at Mattel for "Rock'em Sock'em Knock or Block", a twist on the original 1964 "Rock'em Sock'em Robots".
Fan Art Illustrations
Illustrations inspired by some of my favorite bands, movies, and shows.
Teenie Genies
Toy packaging and press box designed at Fisher-Price to promote the launch of Teenie Genies, a line of collectible mini genie figures from Nickelodeon's "Shimmer and Shine" television show.
Misc. Projects
Misc. freelance projects including t-shirts, greeting cards, book covers, websites, social media graphics, and more.
This is Vietnam
A typographic book inspired by an interview with two of my veteran uncles.
A collection of posters designed for various events, concerts, screenplays, pitches, and personal exploration.
Spot Brand Refresh
Branding designed for Spot, a creative agency where I currently work. The brand includes a refreshed website design, social media strategy, office interior, promotional materials, and more.
Blokus Junior
Graphic design and illustration for the game Blokus Junior, designed at Mattel.
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